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Social Media, from the word itself, it is a medium to make you socially connected with the people. Nowadays, it is prevalent and plays a role in our society. In this generation, most of what we call ‘millenials’ have different social media platforms. It is one of the trends that they don’t want to miss. But is social media helpful or not?

Social Media is helpful in many ways. It can help people from a long distance can get connected with each other. It serves as a way of communication to get to know from someone and to be updated on each other’s lives. It also helps a person, express his/her self in some ways social media can do. They can post whatever they want or feel; they can also take a picture of his/her self or any other photos that can express their feelings. By having these posts and pictures, people can get the attention they want, and they can even build a friendship through this Social Media. It can also serve a source of happiness to someone especially if they gain many likes or followers. It can help them boost their confidence in this simple way. Social Media also helps the people to be updated from the things that are happening to one country or the world.

It can also be used as a medium in education and businesses. Students can use this as a platform to talk about their studies, most especially if that is about homework and quizzes. It is also a Yay in business because most of the companies are using this to promote their business and to gain more customer by posting through the different social media platform.

But it is not just about all the things that mentioned above; some things have adverse effects because of too much using these. It is very ‘Nay’ since most of the people are being addicted to it and even kids, they now know how to use these things. Yes, we can be socially connected with others via chat or email, but what we haven’t seen is it makes us aloof to the persons we are with. This case is very familiar in the most family because instead of talking things personally, they will just chat about it and the physical interaction is gone. Being overexposed in Social Media can also cause Cyberbullying. It is very common these days since most of the kids or teenagers spent most of their time using social media.

Social Media has a big impact on our society. It has positive or negative effects, but it also depends on how people will balance their time using these. We should not just spend most of our time being socially connected, but we should also have interaction with everyone physically.

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