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These two have an important connection with each other. They have the advantage that both of them can benefit especially in doing business or marketing. The collaboration of the two has a great impact in promoting your business or your product. They are deeply connected and really needs to be integrated with one another.

Here in Portal Integrators, we have a best practice that whenever we upload a blog, we should also promote it using different social media accounts we have to gain more viewers. This blog will share the how social media supports SEO.

First thing is the traffic. When you use social media in promoting blogs, websites or products of your business the more traffic for your site will get. Most especially if you are using Twitter because Google uses Twitter to discover new content. And it is very effective because if your content has a lot of tweets or retweets, views and shares Google will easily find your content. This is what we call content indexation, and the faster your content has it, the faster you’ll get more traffic to your site.

Then followed by engagement. It also has a greater impact on boosts SEO. Social Media is the best tool to make engagement with the customers. If you have a successful call to action by using different social media platforms, the more you’ll get engaged, the more customers will visit your site.

Third is Authority. Shared content in social media increases link authority. It is very useful because it encourages external sites to link to your content and the more external links you have, the more you’ll gain authority in Google. It also provides brand authority since when you use social media, the tendency is customer will search directly for your brand name or other terms related to it and because of this, it can increase your website rates from search.

There are many reasons to use social media to boost SEO. It really makes a big help in your site’s traffic and in making your site more popular and most visited. They both benefited from each other because while social media profile collects followers, site gains traffic and the community grows around the brand and continues the integration of the two will reinforces brand reputation. That’s why it is very suggested to use social media to increase SEO for your business needs, especially for a web development company.

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