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Maybe most of us send money through money transfer services like Western Union, Palawan Express, etc. and perhaps some of us didn’t know this feature of Facebook Messenger because we just use it to chat, call, and play games and even to share a story. This blog will introduce you to this new feature of Facebook Messenger. It is the feature where you can send money to your friends through Facebook Messenger. Just make sure you have the latest version of Messenger installed on your mobile.

There are different ways of sending money to US and Philippines. For the US, to send money, just go to your conversation with the person you’re sending the money to or start a message with a friend. Then tap the “$” icon and enter the amount you want to send, and then tap “Pay” in the upper right and add your debit card to send the money. For you to receive it, open the message of your friend and tap “Add Card,” then add your debit card to accept the money.

If you’re in the Philippines, you can use GCash or PayMaya. Just open a chatbox with PayMaya or GCash and link your account to the Messenger. If it happens that you don’t have an account, don’t worry you can create directly from the Messenger app. To send money, open the chatbox with your recipient and click the “+“ button at the lower right, choose “Payments”, enter the amount you want to transfer, then enter your Facebook password to confirm the transaction and a confirmation message will be sent via chat and SMS. To receive the transferred money, open the message of the sender, click the view details then “tap to claim the money.” It will redirect you to the PayMaya chatbox. Click continue, and it will ask if you already have an account or you wish to start an account. If you already have a PayMaya account, just click it and enter your PayMaya account then PayMaya will send you a message saying that the money has been deposited to your account.

This feature provides easy transferring of money to a friend. It is very effortless since you don’t need to go to the money transferring services just to send and receive money. It’s only one click away on your Facebook Messenger. It also provides safety backed by Facebook because it encrypts every message sent through its messaging services. But you still need to wait for up to five days for receipts since you may have to wait for your bank to approve the transactions. Businesses can’t use it because it only supports personal transactions between family and friends.

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