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0:02 So today I’m going to show you a tool you can use to track for plagiarism.
0:09 So Grammarly is a freemium product. They have free services as well as premium services.
0:19 After you’ve subscribed to Grammarly, you can check, you can write your article and the Grammarly app…
0:30 and as you can see it checks for grammar, but we’re not going to discuss that today.
0:37 What I want to show is called ‘Plagiarism’, and after you’ve written your article,
0:44 you can turn it on and it will check a database of over eight billion web pages,
0:54 and then it will tell you how unoriginal is your work.
1:04 So for this one, this blog post that I posted a few weeks ago,
1:10 it’s saying that it’s 3% unoriginal, so it’s 97% original.
1:16 And it will highlight the combination of words that are similar to what you’ve written.
1:26 So, it gives you an idea, you know, of how original or unoriginal,
1:34 or if the text submitted to you if you’re working with a team, has been lifted from another site.

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