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This month’s blog to read is about the Social Media Explorer. This site has a lot of blogs about social media, but we’ll just focus on one topic which is about the “5 Ways Social Media Can Actually Help Your Mental Health”. It is a must-read blog since there’s a lot of information about the benefits of social media in our mental health that we didn’t know yet.

The first benefit is, social media makes you sociable. It helps you engage in a community that you didn’t even know existed. You are also exposed to many people through social media. You have the opportunity to make friends with them. You can also meet people that you have the same common denominator or interests. In social media, you can also express yourself. For example, in person, you’re very shy, but with the help of social media, you can talk to the person you have just met.

Second, social media help boost one’s self-esteem. It can be a platform to showcase your talent and help in shaping your sense of identity. You can show your real personality through social media that you never know you can because you are finally getting out of your comfort zone. And of course, people who will see it will also help in improving your self-worth because of their compliments and they can make you feel encouraged and show their support for you. In that way, you can be more confident in yourself.

Third, the most important benefit of social media is that it helps you keep in touch with relatives, old friends and even loved ones. You can talk to them in just one click even when they are miles away from you. You can also be updated in their lives with just the photos they share or posts. You can also feel that you are in that person’s place too through video call that we just don’t get over the phone. Social media helps in connecting people.

Fourth, social media keeps you engaged in things you care about. Its purpose is not just to be updated with friends; you can also be updated with stuff you care about. It helps you stay up-to-date with the things you’re interested, like organizations or even if it’s about the weather. For example, you’re looking for a job opening in a particular company; social media will let you keep track on their announcements.

Lastly, social media lets you spread joy and happiness. Through this, you can share with the whole world the things that make you happy. In that way, people who will see it will also feel the joy you’re feeling. You can spread happiness by sharing them on social media. You can help people be optimistic in life.

Maybe all of us thought that social media has only adverse effects on us, but if we look on its brighter side, we’ll see a lot of things that can surely help us in our daily lives.

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Social Media in your Mental Health


Makes you sociable

Improves Self-Esteem

Spread Joy

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