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When it comes to designing websites, sometimes it can difficult to design your website from scratch. Luckily Elegant Themes introduced “Divi” in the world of WordPress to save you time to build a website.

In Divi theme, you can design your layouts by using Divi Builder, But Divi theme also offers their featured Divi layouts that are ready to use. There are a variety of layouts that are premade by Divi and it is up to you which to use depending on your taste. They have categories like the Landing Pages, Resume/CV, Folio, Profile, Split Screen Layout, Article Page, Footer, Font Combination, Homepage, and much more to mention.

Elegant Themes, the creator of Divi theme, always release a new layout every single week, which make their layout library a pot of gold for website designers.

Divi layouts are organized into complete websites packs with each pack including 7 to 8 individually designed pages suited for each particular type of website. These packs are designed in a unique style that can be modified to meet your needs.

Now let’s talk about downloading and importing a premade Divi layout. First let’s visit the Elegant Themes website which can be found here, once you are on the website just click on blog and on the “search our blog” search for “free layouts”. You would see a lot of theme layouts and just choose what suits your liking and on what kind of website you are going to use it for. Once you have selected a layout just click on the button that says “Download for free today!” and it will give you the rest of the instructions to continue downloading.

Next is how to import the layout to your website. Once you got the file it will be a “.zip” file, extract it and you will get the “.json” file. Go to your website’s WordPress dashboard, hover on Divi and click on Divi library. On the top of the page simply click on “Import & Export” then click on the import tab and you have to choose the file from your folders and finally click on import Divi builder layouts. There you have it, you now have a premade layout of Divi ready to be used, all you have to do now is to create a page and load the layout from your Divi library. From there you just have to change the content of your website.

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