Script is disabled Happy New Day! | My Golly Wow

As I was getting started writing this post I felt a sense of panic. I wanted a header image on this post. I tried Canva, Photoshop and even Tailor Brands and all I was getting was a giant pixelated image. The more apps I tried the more frustrated I got. This post was supposed to be about the joy beginnings bring. Nothing brings more celebration of a new day than turning the year to the next one. As I collect my thoughts and calm myself I realize what I just experienced is a perfect representation of what we experience as solopreneurs. A week wouldn’t be complete without some sort of panic whether its three alarm bells emergency with a client or some anxiety of what tomorrow may bring. Each new day brings a different kind of adventure one way or another. Whatever emergency I face I let myself panic in the inside for about a second long enough to take a deep breath. As I exhale I face the emergency head on and with all my might.

The key to life is accepting challenges. Once someone stops doing this, he’s dead. – Bette Davis

As I settle in this new year, I am excited about the many possibilities 2017 may bring. To start, I have reframed my focus for My Golly Wow. My Golly Wow will be a virtual place for women entrepreneurs such as myself. My Golly Wow will celebrate women and entrepreneurship. On this blog, I will write on the many aspects of not just having a business and making a business but building and fostering relationships whether it is with clients or new found friends. I have been a solopreneur for the last three years. In this time I have met a lot of courageous, creative and enterprising women. Of course life, these days wouldn’t be complete without social media. I have created a line-up of inspiring images and quote for our Instagram and Facebook channels.

Welcome to my adventure. Say hi and leave a comment. We are all in this adventure.