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On last week’s blog, we talked about the possibilities with Divi Visual Builder and how we can use it when creating a website. Just a Recap Divi Visual Builder or the Divi Front-end Builder is a feature released in Divi 3.0, and it’s a big game changer because you can see the website in real time while you are editing it.

Now we will be talking about some hidden features of the Divi Builder or the back-end builder.





For the first one, did you know that if you right click on a section, a module, or a row you can get extra options? It has the options like renaming the section, copy, save to library, etc.

Another feature that maybe not all of us know is being able to lock sections, rows, or modules. As an admin, this is a useful feature, because this prevents your editors from messing around with your layout. All you have to do is to the right click on the part that you want to lock and click on lock.

Another one is helpful when you have a long page. Imagine how confusing it is to work on a layout with a lot of sections and every time you get into that page you have to scroll. You can quickly eliminate those hassles by just right clicking on a section and selecting collapse, then just rename the section to determine what that section is for efficiently.

Divi 3.0 allows you to easily disable a top-tier drop drown menu list. You may have menus with drop down on your site, and there are cases that you don’t want the top tier to be clickable. To do that just go to your WordPress dashboard, hover on Divi and click on Theme Options, then go to the Navigation Tab and click on General Settings and just enable where it says “Disable top tier drop-down menu links.”

Another hidden feature of Divi is hiding the logo on mobile. The first thing that comes to mind when hiding the logo is of course to use CSS, but there is an effortless way to do this Divi. Again you just have to hover on Divi and click on Theme Customizer, then click on mobile styles, then mobile menu. There you would see an option to hide the logo image.

On Divi, you can also choose what Meta info would show on your blog post. These can be done by merely going to Divi, then theme options, click on the layout tab and be on the single post layout tab. On where it says “Choose which items to display in the postinfo section,” you can select which to hide and which to show just by clicking them.

There are still a lot of features that Divi has that we maybe do not know. Just keep exploring Divi, and you will surely enjoy!

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