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Divi by Elegant Themes is probably one of the most popular WordPress themes that are being used by many sites. With all of its great features, it is no wonder that a lot of site owners prefer to use it. We have discussed some of its great features in a previous blog, so in this blog, we are going to dig deeper into Divi Theme by presenting one of its excellent features – the Divi Library.

If you are already using Divi on your WordPress site, then you must have already come across this library. As it doesn’t have much description, first-time users barely have an idea of what it does and what purpose it holds. So we’re going to go into details on how Divi Library can help us design pages much easier.

In Divi theme, you can design your layouts using the Divi Builder. So for example, for a particular type of post, you want a different layout with a hero image at the top and then have two columns that are one-third, and two-thirds wide respectively at the bottom of it, and then have a contact form at the very bottom. This layout can be created using Divi builder in posts or pages. If you want to use this layout for all of your future blog posts, you won’t have to arrange them all over again for each blog. You can just choose to save the layout and then you can use it again and again.

This is where the Divi Library comes in. All of the layouts that you have saved can be found in the Divi Library. Now you can reuse layouts for themed posts. One example is in the Portal Integrators site since we have a different theme every day for our blog posts such as SharePoint Mondays, Office 365 Tuesdays, and so on. And for each theme, we use slightly different layouts with different contact form texts. So what we do is we have layouts saved for each theme.

Another application of this is if you want a global or site-wide footer for your site, then you can choose to design a footer in the Divi Builder and save it as a global layout. Then for every page that you create, you can just directly load the layout, and your footer will be there.

Also, you can download premade layouts for Divi Theme, and usually you can find them in the Divi Library once they have been imported into your site. Once the layout is imported into your site, you can now start using it.

We will discuss downloading premade layouts and how you can use them in a future blog post, so stay tuned.

The Divi Library

Saving Layouts for Reusing

Saving a Global Footer or Other Modules

Importing Pre-made Layouts

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