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I believe all of us have superpowers. Some have more than others, but we all have that special talent (or talents) or skill (skills). Fiction superheroes have abilities to fly, leap between buildings, have a butler named Alfred…(you get the point). But you don’t be a star athlete (looking at you Tom Brady) or a super model (now looking at you Giselle) or a billionaire (name your favorite billionaire here) to have unique talents. You don’t even have to know how to paint like Bob Ross or be a famous designer Karl Lagerfield. We often look to these people as having special talents we take for granted our own. It is easy to dismiss what we do well as easy therefore anyone can do it. We don’t think it’s a problem and doing it comes easy (or at least looks like it).

I believe all of us have superpowers and some of us to be reminded now and then. This is particularly the case when knee deep into a project and you are feeling stuck. The more we feel trapped, the deeper we dig. Now we are in this endless rabbit hole. We ask ourselves “What am I good at”?….” Seriously, self what am I good at?” Sometimes putting a name to that thing we best is the hardest part. We already know what it is, we just forgot what it is called.

SY/Partners, a business strategy, and innovation company based in New York City developed the Superpowers deck of cards. The set of cards has one purpose – that is to help the user clarify his/her strengths. The deck contains 21 cards each with a different superpower such as decisiveness, creative thinking, complexity busting. You take the deck of cards, you shuffle it and pick two cards. Between the two cards hold on to the super power that describes most like you. You keep doing this until you go through all the cards and you are left with one card. This is your super power.

The exercise helps you slow down and to think what you are good at by forcing you to make a choice. I tried this exercise today. I knew right away things I’m not good at such as harmonizing or peacemaking. It was a harder choice to between creative thinking and decisiveness. But since I had to decide it forced me to focus on answering the question my super power. So which one is my super power – – it’s decisiveness.