Script is disabled Creating a Self that Matters: Liminal Thinking by Dave Gray | My Golly Wow

Liminal Thinking – Create the Change You Want by Changing the Way You Think is a book by Dave Gray and published by Two Waves Books. It is the inaugural title from Two Waves Books, and it did not disappoint. Dave Gray is a noted speaker, writer asking questions and drawing the pictures of the answers. He owns the Xplane, a service consulting company helping teams to clarify and navigate complexity to accelerate results and create meaningful impact.

I have never met Dave Gray, and I have never been in a meeting or workshop with Xplane, but I felt like I was while reading the book. The book is so much fun to read I finished it in 2 days (granted that one day was while waiting for my jury duty). At that point in my life (which was only last year), the book resonated a lot with me. It was like picking up a book that was written exclusively for me.

The book is not long – it’s 157 pages. The contents have two parts – How Beliefs Shape Everything referred to as Principles. There are six principles of How Beliefs Shape Everything. Part 2 is What to do About It and lists 9 Practices on what to do with the principles listed in part 1. The book is organized as such it can be read from cover to cover linearly or diving right into a particular Principle or Practice.



The Contents and Executive Summary is a handy overview of each section of the book. This section is useful once you have read the book and need to jump right in a particular situation that you need reminding. At the end of each chapter, there are exercises to reinforce the topic. The appendix lists the 6 Principles and 9 Practices again – I’m guessing this was designed to make it easy for anyone using the book to find it. It wouldn’t matter whether you are leafing through from the beginning of the book or at the end of the book. The last four pages of the appendix have the List of Character Traits, a worksheet for Unpacking Beliefs and a brief explanation of The Roots of Liminal Thinking.

I will save the unpacking of what it’s in the book when you read it. When you do, connect with me, and I would love to discuss.